Some testimonials and comments Bill has received:

“I'm grateful that you have had the vision to make the kind of guitar that you make…When somebody does something this well, which has this kind of effect on me, I want to let them know. Thanks for your work.”

-- Earl Weed

"The archtop is beyond a keeper. Someday it may be buried with me."

-- Charlie Drocea

“Boy this is a great instrument…I could say a great deal about it, but I think the most important thing is the perfect weight of the instrument. I imagine this really is very tricky balancing between keeping it responsive and making it feel solid and strong. I think you've found exactly the right balance between these fundamental requirements. It's pure magic.”

-- Jonathan Trigg

“The guitar arrived today!
Amazing sound I’ve never heard!
I really don't know how to thank you. You gave me more than I deserve!
And thank you again your kindly support!

-- Taketoshi Michinobu

“WOW! That three-letter-word best describes Bill Comins' artistry and skill in creating the wonderful guitars that he does ... of which I am a proud owner of three! Tone, playability, and foremost, beauty is unsurpassed in every model that he creates.”

-- Roy McDonald, collector

"When the Smithsonian Institution created the Blue Guitars exhibition with Scott Chinery in 1997 one of the most talked-about luthiers was Bill Comins. The excitement surrounding Bill's guitars was entirely justified. Today, Bill is without question one of the preeminent luthiers in the world. He creates guitars that employ modern innovations, while still paying homage to traditional archtop design principals. During the years since his debut at the Smithsonian Bill has indeed reached the pinnacle of his profession."

-- Randall Kremer, Director of Public Affairs, Smithsonian Institution

“The guitar arrived fine.  It is truly outstanding.  The color is exactly what I wanted and really like how the bindings turned out.  I like the size and it has plenty of volume…Just a great guitar and I know you put a lot of work into this for me.  I greatly appreciate what you have done.”

-- Frank Biller

“Bill,  in my opinion,  and many other six stringers,  is the hottest and most innovative luthier on the planet.”

-- Vic Juris, -artist, author, educator

“Bill Comins’ archtop guitars, by anyone’s measure, are among the most beautifully hand-crafted jazz jewels, vessels of euphony, as have sailed across the Delaware. Each guitar he makes conveys all of the sonic nuances that a selective connoisseur of the plectral arts would ever want or need. Comins puts maple and spruce to their best and highest use, transfixing the guitar’s listeners in waves of tonal complexity.”

-- Stan Jay - owner of Mandolin Brothers, Ltd.

"It's a funny thing that, even though I've had the instrument for a couple of years now and have always liked it, it took tonight's intensive session for me to understand how fine an axe it is: profound in the bass and harmonically rich in the trebles. It adds something to everything I play. Just thought you might want to know."

-- Robert Gallagher

As an owner of many great jazz guitars built by some of the best luthiers, I have had an opportunity to play and compare guitars.  No one that I know can build a better instrument than Bill Comins. He has built me three great guitars that are also works of art. 

-- Jerry Sims - artist, author, educator, owner of Sims Music

“It is a little embarrassing to admit, but my Comins guitars and amp get more attention than me sometimes! Consistently I am told that my 18” Concert with the Comins 2X10 amp is the best sounding rig on the stage.  This is even when I’m playing with the five guitar ensemble (don’t tell the other guys). This setup is a tone machine! After watching, reviewing and sometimes buying Bill’s work for over 10 years now, I continue to be impressed and inspired by his instruments. His workmanship is always perfect, the tone is wonderful and the playability among the best.  To me though,  it is Bill’s dedication to his craft and to excellence that is most inspiring.”

-- Richard Maxwell- artist, author, educator

"I've been wanting to write for some time to express my gratitude for the incredible Lyrist that you crafted for me.  Having played the guitar now for several years, well past the "honeymoon" phase, I am still continuously blown away by this instrument!  I play in an eclectic band that performs modern pop, modern country, and classic rock and my Lyrist can nail the variety of tones to cover this diverse range of musical styles.  The tones are magical, transcending what can be described in words. One girl recently said, " your tone sends me to heaven!" And she was serious.  One of the best compliments I have ever received.  The action and feel is excellent and consistent.  The guitar stays in tune and is very stable.  These attributes combined with the comfort, great looks and vibe of my guitar gives me confidence and inspiration every time I go out and "rock the crowd!" and these gigs can run upwards of four physically and emotionally intense hours.  The Lyrist delivers every time and is my "number 1" guitar.  Thanks again."

-- Carl Zaslow

"Bill Comins’ guitars are among the finest archtops on the planet. I feel that they come the closest to achieving the elusive sound of vintage archtops by Gibson and D’Angelico with loads of power and projection while maintain a warm sweetness that most of today’s archtops fail to capture."

-- John Reynolds - owner of Golden Age Fretted Instruments

“As a 10-year dealer of high-end archtop guitars, I have found Bill Comins' instruments to be consistently unsurpassed in terms of craftsmanship, sound, playability and visual appeal. The quality of Bill's work meets or exceeds that of other makers who are charging more than double Bill's prices.”

-- Bill Fender, owner of Legato Guitars

“I've been playing the instrument you built for me and really enjoying it.  Really astonishing the clarity, depth, volume and 'throatiness' of sound coming out of a 16" body.  Great execution on the neck, too.  All this plus the finish and details are beautiful. Thanks for all the care you put into this.”

-- Victor Matsuo

“Bill Comins guitars are simply the finest, most enjoyable I've ever played. My Comins archtops have smooth action and even response from the lowest to highest note (no plink, plink up at the 22nd fret!) Bill's artistry and craftsmanship are evident in every instrument he makes. The Comins amps made by his associate George Alessandro are the perfect complement to these extraordinary instruments.”

-- Rick Stone- artist, author, educator

“Bill Comins has been making master quality instruments by hand at his Pennsylvania workshop for a number of years, and building in the process a formidable reputation for meticulous detail and precision craftsmanship.”

-- Joe Vinikow

“The guitar has arrived!  What a thing of beauty.  Your craftsmanship is amazing.  I am glad that I chose the Cocobolo binding.  It's gorgeous.  It sounds great both acoustically and plugged in.  I have a small AER acoustic amp and it sounds great through that… I love the neck. It's wonderful to have an instrument of this caliber.”  

-- Marilyn Jackson

“Bill makes the finest sounding and most comfortable guitars I've ever played. On every gig I get nothing but positive responses about my Comins guitar from musicians and audiences. Besides my Comins Concert model 7-string, the only other guitars I could ever imagine playing would be another one of Bill's beautiful creations.”

-- Steve Herberman- artist, author, educator