Comins Jazz Guitar Amplifier

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Control Panel:

  • Input Jack
  • Jangly/Creamy (Brighter/Darker) switch
  • Volume
  • Reverb
  • Treble, Middle, Bass
  • Final Output Control
  • Stand-by and On/Off switches


  • 60 Watt Class AB Guitar Amplifier
  • (2) 6550 power amp tubes
  • (1) 12AT7 Reverb tube
  • (1) 12AX7 pre-amp tube
  • (1) 12AT7 phase inverter tube
  • Custom high impedance tube, spring reverb circuitry
  • Reactive/interactive tone controls for ultimate tuneability
  • Precision matched/balanced phase-inverter circuit
  • 360-degree phase transparent pre-amp circuit
  • Hand wired and hand assembled
  • High strength stainless steel chassis
  • Ceramic tube sockets with silver-plated contacts
  • Military spec. Teflon with silver wiring utilized throughout
  • Variable fixed bias for ease of servicing
  • Lightweight cabinetry design
  • Special “alive resonance” cabinetry construction and materials
  • Silver plated military specification input and output jack
  • Long tube life/ high reliability circuitry design
  • Audiophile Silver solder used throughout

Available Configurations:

  • 1x12” combo 42lbs 
  • 2x10” combo 45lbs 
  • Head only 30 lbs 

Additional Specifications and Pricing