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“Man, I cannot tell you how appreciative I am for your producing and marketing such a thoughtfully designed, comfortable and great sounding instrument.”   Eric B. -Manhattan Beach, CA

“I've been playing my Comins GCS-1ES for about 3 years. In this time I got tons of compliments on the sound and the looks of the guitar and personally I am really happy with the instrument. Really like the tone and the almost never ending sustain.”    Djamal M. –Zurich, Switzerland

“The GCS-1 is among the best guitars I have ever played or owned, well beyond its price class.”   -Tad P.

“Last February I bought a Comins GCS 1ES.  I cannot tell you how much I love this guitar. It is a wonderful instrument.”      Hector A. - Strasbourg, France

“... I could write another 9 or 10 paragraphs about how happy I am with my GCS, but I don't want to waste your time. What impresses me most is that my actual playing has improved because I'm finally playing an instrument that gives me the sound that I want to hear. No other guitar has ever really done that for me. I love this guitar.”    -Pete A. –Boston, MA

“I love my new GCS-1.  I find it hard to put down.  This guitar will do much in improving the amount of time I spend practicing.”   -Thomas P.

“In a word the guitar is fantastic, and thus far every bit what I had hoped. I did have my fingers crossed, not having had the opportunity to play one of these prior to purchase but my fears have been allayed. The set up makes this effortless to play, so important, thank you.”  -Matt A. –Hilton Head Island, SC

“My wife noticed the sweet sounds that came from the guitar as soon as I plugged it in and played. She also noted that my playing seemed to be more inspired as well. Thank you for designing this great guitar.”   -James 

“Incredible design and execution - it’s just a brilliant instrument!” Paul D.

“I've had the GCS-1 for quite some time now, I originally intended to use it for mostly jazz but with lighter strings have found it perfect for rock, classic rock and even some heavy stuff. It has replaced all my go-to rock stage guitars. It is really just an amazing guitar...” Rick - Monroe, New Jersey

“Everybody who sees and plays this guitar is blown away and I'm extremely proud to own it.” Pete – Yardley, PA

“Bought a GCS 16 from Soundpure and am in love with it. Thanks so much for the awesome instrument.”  Tom H. - WI

“Your GCS-1 guitar is exactly the guitar I was looking for in terms of tone, play-ability and build quality that I can use for jazz, rock & fusion... I am looking to get close to that classic Larry Carlton/Steely Dan tone. Your GCS-1 guitar delivers it!  I would highly recommend it to anyone and will spread the word about your company and your fantastic guitars.”  Don F.

“I recently purchased a Comins GCS 16-2 at the Dallas Guitar show from Dale of DHR Music...I still can't put it down. These are by far the best frets I have ever played. The neck feels just right. Very solid...I really don't know how you do it for the money but I'm glad you do. Thanks for a great instrument.” Ron B. –Dallas, TX

“The craftsmanship is unbelievable and I love how you can get great jazz tones and warm modern overdriven sounds.” Scott – Newington, CT

“It is awesome! I have searched for a semi-hollow for quite some time and this is definitely it. It plays like a dream and sounds incredible. I am amazed by the overall range of the guitar...It packs a punch too. I'm amazed by the quality of this instrument. The fit and finish is incredible. The sunburst is perfect and the fingerboard is polished like glass. I just cannot say enough nice things about this guitar.” Brian – Oklahoma City, OK

“First of all, it is simply gorgeous... The very first time I played it thru a totally clean jazz amp, the utter clarity and sustain of this guitar absolutely floored me... Tonally, I find this guitar to be unique; even with the overdrive kicked in a good deal, I can surely still hear the "hollow" in this semi-hollow.” Larry- Gansevoort, NY

“I received the guitar yesterday and seriously it's the first time I hear a sound balance like that. The neck pickup is fantastic for the Jazz really warm and round and for the bridge it's perfect for blues the sounds is slamming and clear.” Philippe – Gatineau, Quebec

“5hrs a day use... (can't put it down!). You designed this thing sooo fine. I can only imagine how your high end instruments feel. I'll get there someday :)”  Don J. -Beaverton, Oregon


“I actually bought the GCS-1 sight unseen, first time I have done that with a guitar, based on your reputation and after watching some videos online.   And I love the guitar, it’s terrific.   Great setup, fast neck, the Wilkinson tuners are excellent, and the Armstrong pickups, with coil-split, are really versatile – I can dial up anything from smooth jazz to blues to rock...While I very much appreciate the price, my guess is you are leaving money on the table.”   Martin J. –Reston, VA

 “I bought a GCS-1ES model and it's amazing! ... I hope someday I will pick up an archtop from you.”   Hugo M. -Palma De Mallorca, Spain

“I purchased a Comins GCS16-1 last week from the Guitar Salon in Montreal...It's such a beautiful guitar, awesome setup, sounds fantastic and love the look of it and really nice case too. I've been playing it nonstop over the last couple of days.”  Jamie P. - Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

“They always ask me at the recording studio to bring my 1ES. There’s something about that bridge pickup that really sticks to tape!”    Kevin H. –Philadelphia, PA

“I recently bought one of your guitars, a GSC-1 ES, from the Music Emporium, and couldn’t be happier...Thanks so much for the care you took to produce such  a fine, jazz-capable guitar at a reasonable price.”   Leon W. –Lexington, MA

"What a joy to play this guitar. I have the spruce top and maple top. Two of the finest guitars I own!”  Tom G. -Cherry Hill, NJ

“Well, I’m the very proud owner of a Comins GCS-1 Autumn Burst guitar. I purchased it from Rudy’s in NYC. The guitar is terrific, beautiful, great tone and playability. I can see how you have lived up to the accolades I’ve seen written about you... thanks for creating such a wonderful instrument.” Frank M.

“I’m really falling in love with this guitar!...Very musical sounding and inspiring.”  Jake R. –Ann Arbor, MI

“I’m really enjoying my GCS. Great guitar.  Dollar for dollar, one of the best items I’ve ever purchased.”    Ken M. -New Castle, DE


“I am a recent convert of your GCS guitars and wanted to say thanks for making such outstanding instruments at affordable prices...After owning and playing almost every good guitar available I really appreciate the fit, finish and setup on your guitars. My wife also appreciates that I didn’t need a second mortgage to become a fan!”     Pat S.

 "Very seldom have I bought a guitar that I was totally satisfied with, but this Comins GCS1ES LIVES UP TO THE HYPE." 

Tony C. -OH

"Killer. Just killer!..I thought I had exhausted the desire for a sunburst but this one is so rich. The feel is amazing...Thanks again!"     Bob, - CO

"...perfect nut slot depths, low string action, no buzzing. Not common in my experience to receive a guitar that's been dialed as well as this one. Thanks!"    Doug

"I just love that there are still people out there that care that much about what they make... I am absolutely in love with this guitar."    Bruce, -WA

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